4-6 Grade Spring Sports Survey
The objective of this survey is to identify 4-6 grade boys and girls who are interested in playing baseball, softball, soccer, or volleyball with the intent of not having it impact our existing participation in the diocesan spring league programs. Saint Rose has two sports in the spring currently available to youth in 4-6 grades (5-6 grade girls volleyball and 4-6 boys or girls soccer). With the start of a boys 5-6 grade baseball team for this fall, we would like to assess the level of interest to continue in the spring. We are also exploring the option of starting girls softball in the spring of 2020. Since there is not a diocesan boys baseball, nor girls softball leagues, we would have to play other middle schools in the middle Tennessee area or join a spring league as a team. In recent years, we did not have enough girls to field a separate girls soccer team. In those situations 4-6 grade girls could join the boys team. I welcome your participation in this survey. Please complete this survey by Sunday, October 6. There are four short sections to this survey. After completing the required (*) segments, click "Next" to go to the next section.
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