ATNJ Adopt-a-District
Because babies and puppies and you want to Win. Back. The. House.
NOTE: We will be working with volunteers across organizations and groups from in the state and out of the state. We are all in it to flip the districts (2, 3, 4, 7, 11) and defend Gottheimer's.
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Your "ADOPTED" Congressional District. Please pick the one you live in OR the one closest to you. NOTE: nothing is too far as there are virtual/remote things we need help on!
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By signing up, you can always opt in or opt out based on your personal and professional obligations at any given time. You can participate up to your ability, availability, and desire. We will regroup into teams dedicated to adopting a congressional district. Action Together New Jersey is a progressive Democratic group and we do not endorse any candidates prior to the primaries: we will fully support whomever wins the Democratic primaries and go all-in to get them elected. We have a culture of kindness, collaboration, and coordination with others. As we collect these names, the Executive Director will shepherd and organize the teams and the Lead Team will introduce themselves and organize the efforts.
**UPDATE** The volunteers voted to work virtually via Facebook, so pick a district and join. ***These are work groups and not the traditional FB groups where we re-post articles on Trump. We are using the FB platform for which to conduct our WORK. The volunteers chose this over Basecamp, Slack, email...

CD 2

CD 3

CD 4

CD 5

CD 7

CD 11

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