MuslimParents.SG Academic Tuition 2023 Registration
First 10 students to register get $20 off registration fee.

MuslimParents.SG Academic Tuition aims to provide affordable tuition classes for students sitting for their national exams without compromising on the quality of the teachers. 

Maximum class size: 8 students
Minimum qualification of tutors: All tutors are either former MOE teachers OR have taught in a reputable tuition centre.

LOCATION: North Bridge Centre, Bugis. 3-minute walk from Bugis Junction. Opposite National Library.

Please read through all sections below before signing up.
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Monthly Tuition Fees and Payment Policy upon Registration

1. Tuition fee for ALL classes: $150 for 4 lessons. Fees are collected at the beginning of every cycle of 4 lessons.

2. The registration fee of $40 is a one-time payment, for new students only, made upon registration with the centre and it is non-refundable.

3. A material fee of $35 per term will be collected upon enrolment. The material fee will not be pro-rated and is not refundable.

4. Tuition Fees will be pro-rated if the student registers and attends lessons at any juncture of the programme.

5. Payment of fees can be made via: (1) Internet-banking or (2) PayNow. No cash payment.

6. All payment of fees is non-refundable. Fees can be credited to the subsequent lessons/month only if the student is able to produce official documentation (e.g. doctor’s letter, official letter or medical certificate).

7. MuslimParents.SG reserves the right to cancel any lesson at any time during the term.  MuslimParents.SG will do their best to inform parents/guardians in advance if such a situation arises. In the event of cancelled lessons, fees that have been paid for the cancelled lessons may be refunded or credited to the following lesson(s)/month(s).


A. Students will be eligible for the following multiple subjects discount (2 subjects - 10% discount)

B. Students who have siblings will also be eligible for the multiple subject discount. 2 siblings taking 1 subject each will be entitled to a 5% discount each.

C. Students are also eligible for a referral discount of $20 off the next cycle of fee if they recommend another student(s).

D. Any special prices, offers and/or discounts that may be offered are quoted for respective students and may not apply to others, unless with prior approval of MuslimParents.SG.


I. It is the responsibility of the student(s) and/or parent(s)/guardian(s) to inform the centre if the child is to be absent for a lesson.

II. There will be NO make-up lessons.

III. As all our classes are group-based, the tutors are not obligated to conduct a separate make-up class for any individual student regardless of the reason of absence.

IV. Tutors are not obligated to reteach the student during make-up lessons and it will be up to the goodwill of the Tutors to assist the students during the lesson.

V. In the event where the student is absent, no tuition fee refund will be given Fees can be credited to the subsequent lessons/month only if the student is able to produce official documentation (e.g. doctor’s letter, official letter or medical certificate).

VI. There is be strictly no pro-rating and refund of tuition fees regardless of the reasons given.

Primary 6 Science & Maths Tuition, Fridays
We will send you a text message and an email within 3 working days after receiving your registration.
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