Spring Family Survey 2021
The Pioneer School District is working to strengthen partnerships between our schools and families to help students perform better in school. The purpose of this survey is to get information on how well the district has met your family’s and child’s needs, how you feel about the parent involvement activities at your child’s school, and how the Pioneer School District can use the information from the survey to make improvements. We will also use information from this survey to prepare for our summer Jump Start learning recovery/enrichment program and to prepare for the new school year. Please complete a survey for each child you have enrolled in our school.
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Child’s First Name: *
Child’s Last Name: *
Child’s Current Grade Level: *
Section 1: Title 1A Questions
School-Family Connections
1. How many parent/family conferences (Care, Connect for Success, etc.) did you participate in at our schools this year? *
2. How much of the following information has the school provided to you or your family?
Child Development and Parenting *
Supporting your child's learning *
Social-Emotional Well-being *
3. Do teachers suggest activities for you and your child to do at home? *
4. Do you listen to your child read or do you read aloud to your child? *
5. Have you participated on any school councils or committees during this school year? If so please specify below.
6. Did you receive information about any of the following:
English as a second language *
Special Education *
Highly Capable Programs *
Title 1 Programs *
Your child’s academic progress *
Community Resources *
Section 2: Student Engagement
Please answer based on your perception of how engaged your child was in school this year.
1. My child is eager to participate in their classes. *
2. My child puts effort into completing assignments for their classes. *
3. My child attends most classes because they enjoy being in class. *
4. My child expresses that they feel a sense of belonging in their classes. *
5. What is one thing you wish your child’s teachers could do to help your child be more engaged in their learning? (open response)
Section 3: Jump Start Summer Recovery and Next School Year
1. My child is currently enrolled in the following program: *
2. I want my child to participate in the 9-day Jump Start summer recovery program that will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s only on August 3rd - 5th, 10th - 12th, and 17th -19th, to help my child improve or enrich their learning while gaining skills that will allow them to be better prepared for next school year. *
3. If Yes, will your child need bus transportation to school? *
Based on what we know right now, do you plan to have your child return to school next year in our regular, in-person schedule for the 2021-22 school year? *
5. I would be interested in having my child attend an after school program next year to support or improve their classroom learning *
6. The district will only offer remote learning through Pioneer Academy in the 2021-22 school year which will be an alternative learning program that will require students to attend onsite for a two – hour block of time at least one day per week and allow students to be home for remote learning with their families for the remaining days of the week. This program will be taught separately from our regular school program. More details on this program will be provided at a later date. Based on what we know right now, do you plan to have your child return to school next year in an alternative learning remote program for the 2021-22 school year? *
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