Social media content publisher for advertising agency
You'll be working part-time (10-15 hours per week)  in a highly ambitious advertising agency for consultants and courses creators, that truly makes a difference in their client's life and businesses. (and bottom-line)

You'll be working closely with Daniel's team and himself.

Your role
You'll be in charge of posting Daniel's articles to:
-the agency's Facebook page (as a facebook post)
-inside the agency's free Facebook Group (as a facebook post)
-to other facebook groups (without any pitch) (as a facebook post)

And you'll be in charge of:
-proofread everything Daniel wrote before you publish it on all platforms
-interact with comments and questions directly on social media, without any hard-selling
-move interested & qualified prospects to book a strategy call with Daniel.
-improving the formatting on the articles before publishing them so they are easy to read
-provide feedback on the best performing pieces of content so we can focus on these subjects from now on,etc.
-generating buzz and brand presence for Daniel's agency by reusing his past content and spreading it out online.
-you'll genuinely connect with consultants and course creators in other facebook groups and either move them to Daniel's facebook group or slowly and gently move the conversation into a strategy call to Daniel's calendar.

In short you'll be reusing Daniel's content and spreading it out online, mainly on Facebook in order to attract new clients to the agency.

A little bit more about Daniel's agency
Daniel's agency is very unique and different than most full-service agencies.
They have 1 goal in mind : make their clients rich. (and happy)
They do design, copywriting, facebook ads , funnels and will do everything in their power to improve their client's profits.
They focus on niches/markets that are useful and that they believe in.

Your qualities and values
-you master the English language as you'll be required to proofread Daniel's articles.
-great at over-communicating with the team, prospects, and Daniel.
-attention to details (a tiny typo can look bad since all articles will be posted on Facebook)
-eager to work and passionate for what they do (Be willing to do what it takes)
-Well organized

A lot of options here that could be interesting for you - can be discussed on the phone.

How to apply?
By filling the form below! You'll be contacted by email in the following 2-3 days.

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