Application form for the Open Access Archaeology Fund
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Internet Archaeology authors are usually required pay an article processing charge (APC) to publish their work in the journal. Archaeology Data Service depositors usually pay a fee to deposit their data to the archive. Although many have access to funds via their research sponsors, there are other researchers for whom funding is simply not available despite research quality and whose digital data therefore is potentially at greater risk from both lack of recognition and loss. Our Open Access Archaeology Fund specifically aims to help address this problem.

This fund consists of donations and gifts from individuals from across the world who wish to support the open access publication and archiving costs of archaeology researchers who do not have access to the financial resources that would otherwise support these activities.

p.s. If you, or someone you know, would like to donate to the fund, please visit
Who May Apply?
You may apply to this fund if you (as an individual or as a group) wish to publish an article in Internet Archaeology or deposit a digital archive with the ADS and can demonstrate that you have no other means of paying the APC or data deposit costs.  Applicants with partial funding may apply for ‘top up’ funding. Applications to fund the 'integrated publication' of an Internet Archaeology article and associated ADS digital archive are also welcome.
How To Apply?
You will be asked to complete a form which requests some basic contact details, a synopsis of your proposed article/archive (c250 words), the research potential (c500 words) and a statement of eligibility (c500 words). Note that there is no save function so you may wish to compose your responses offline in advance.

If you are applying for an APC waiver for Internet Archaeology, you MUST have had an article proposal accepted by Internet Archaeology and been given an estimate of publication costs. Information on submitting an article proposal can be found here:  

If you are applying for an ADS deposit charge waiver, you MUST have received confirmation from the ADS that your digital archive is acceptable for deposition and have received a quote for archiving the data you intend to deposit. You can contact the ADS here: .

For all types of application, you MUST have a draft/deposit ready to submit.
This is an open competition and applications may be submitted at any time. Applications will be reviewed 3 times a year.

·        Before 31st January to be considered in February
·        Before 31st May to be considered in June
·        Before 30th September to be considered in October

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application within 4 weeks of these dates.
Applications will be considered by an independent panel whose current members are
      - Dr Mike Heyworth MBE (Archaeology and Heritage Consultant, Former Director of the Council for British Archaeology)
      - Dr Sarah May (Lead Consultant, Heritage for Transformation and former Senior Archaeologist at English Heritage and Research Associate, UCL)
      - Professor Sam Turner (Professor of Archaeology and Head of School, Newcastle University and Director of McCord Centre for Landscape).

In assessing applications for an Internet Archaeology APC waiver,  the panel looks for a proposal that demonstrates both the potential for advancing discussion and research in the field in question, as well as whether full advantage is taken of the digital capabilities offered by a publication in Internet Archaeology.

In assessing applications for ADS deposit charge waivers, the panel seeks a high quality digital archive that has significant re-use potential and is at significant risk of loss.

In assessing all applications, the panel will prioritise applicants who can demonstrate that they have no other access to funding.  Partial (top-up) or match funding will be considered if the applicants can demonstrate their inability to raise some but not the full amount.

The number of waivers awarded will be determined by the fund total at the time of assessment. The panel reserves the right to defer awarding funds in the event of a shortage of entries or to allow the fund to accumulate.

Successful applicants must have their proposed archive and/or article ready for submission at the time of submission. Applicants are reminded that they must meet all normal ADS deposition requirements and/or Internet Archaeology submission and editorial requirements (including successful peer review before publication).

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