Global Feminist Network : Unite To Eradicate Victim Blame #INeverAskForIt
Unite To Eradicate. Dialogue. Spotlight. Arrest Victim Blame Through Collective Global Action.
An invitation to organisations , communities, groups, collectives or associations who identify victim blame, rape culture, misogyny.

This form is towards creating a primary list of I Never Ask For It allies
You can also nominate an organisation( your own or another) we could contact to end victim blame by 1st January 2018.


Do you identify victim blame in the context of your work? *
If yes, please tell us how?
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Has your organization/ collective/ community built a program to end victim blame? *
If yes, please do share . Do provide links or hashtags if applicable.
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Which community / communities do you engage with?
Please specify name identities including race/ socio economic/ gender/ sexuality/ age/ place/
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How has the narrative of victim blame and sexism been relevant in the community you engage with?
How has the community dealt with it? Please cite an example.
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Is there an incident or report of an individual in power, who justified sexual and gender based violence through victim blame? *
Mention name ( e.g. local politician made a statement saying 'she asked for it ' ) , Do Provide weblink if possible. #ReportingToRemember
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