Posh Liquors Delivery Driver Position Questionnaire
Applicants please fill out this form and once submitted it will be analyzed for further review. We will contact you for the next phase if selected.
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How did you hear about the position: Indeed, Poshliquors.com, personal reference, social media site, LinkedIn etc.?
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Candidate's availability time and days: Please name days of the weeks and hours during the day you are able to work.
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Tell us in less than five sentences: why you would like to work for our company as a delivery driver.
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Posh Liquors is a Package store that sells liquor, beer, wine and tobacco. Do you feel comfortable selling these items to people of age? *
Are you 21 years of age or older? *
Do you have any delivery driver experience? *
Tell us in less than five sentences what you like the least in the position of a delivery driver in your past experiences.
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Can you lift 40 lbs. or more? *
Posh Liquors is located downtown. Do you have reliable transportation to the downtown area? *
Have you had any car wrecks in the last two years? *
If Yes, were you found at fault for any of the accidents?
Have you had any derogatory marks on your license other than parking tickets or minor moving violations in the last three years?
Explanation of derogatory remarks if any:
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Have you ever been been found guilty for a DUI or DWI?
What year(s) was the DUI or DWI if so?
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This position is classified as part time (less than 40 hours). Are you still interested in this job? *
Have you been employed within 3 months of today's date of application?
Driving your car for deliveries is required. You are reimburse for certain expenses such as gas but not maintenance on your car (as is the case with many delivery driver positions). Are you willing to accept those terms in your W-2 Employment position with us? *
Is the year of your vehicle 2002 or newer?
Do you agree to the company running a background check on you? *
Do you a current or previous felony charge? If so Please explain: *
Explanation of Felony Charge
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Do you have current auto insurance on your car? *
Do you have a valid drivers license with no restrictions?
Do you have a high school diploma or equivalent?
This position has multiple shifts. Are you willing to work nights and weekends? *
Do you have a smart phone? Please answer with iPhone or Android. *
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Will you agree to take a drug test? *
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