Witch Mystery (Kindle Unlimited or 99c)
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PROMO DATES: 29th July - 4th August

This is a WITCH MYSTERY promotion

* Books must either be in KINDLE UNLIMITED or priced at 99c (whilst they can be both, they do not need to be, a book can be wide and 99c, or in KU and $3.99 etc)

* Participants agree to share the promotion via social media and your newsletter at least once during the promotion

I will email everyone the graphic and information a few days before the promo so you can have enough time to review your details on the site and set up your newsletter.

Thank you :)


*** Please be advised that the promotion page will be live on the website for no more than a period of 3 months. ***

*** Any questions, and you can email me at contact@magicbookdeals.com or leave a note in the comments section below

*** Join the Facebook group to keep updated will all future promotions *** https://www.facebook.com/groups/1946158625634318/

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There is no cost to participate, however if you would like to help with the running costs of the site and promotions, I would be very grateful.
Small donations can be made to paypal.me/VictoriaCleave
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