Leadership List Request Form - Campaigns
Please fill out the following form for access to the Salt Lake County Democratic Party leadership list. This list includes members of the Central Committee, Delegates, Neighborhood leadership, electeds, and the EC.

Please note lists are only available to participating campaigns for the upcoming SLCounty Council, Member at Large and SLCo Democratic Party leadership elections. This list will be available to all campaigns who have filled out this form starting on January 30, 2019.

We are requiring disclosure of which campaign is making the request. Please note that the SLCounty Democratic Party is dedicated to discretion and will not share any candidate information with anyone until the candidate has made a formal and public declaration. The only members of the SLCounty Executive team who will have access to this form will be the Executive Director (Bonnie Billings), Chair (Q. Dang), and Secretary (Kat Payne).

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Terms and Conditions
As with all party data, acceptance of this list means that you agree to the following conditions on its use:

1. It is for you use for your campaign purposes ONLY

2. It should not be shared with others, except on an as needed basis for your campaign purposes

3. Copies of the list should be destroyed when of no further use for your campaign purposes

4. Robocalls with this list are strictly prohibited as it could violate Federal Law (cell phones)

5. Email and other mass communications should be sent in away that ensure the privacy of recipients. For example,
please use a list serv or the bcc function whenever you send group emails.

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