Digital Dunes Waiver

Please obey all rules and guideline when playing at Digital Dunes.

* Only one person should be present in the hitting area at a time. Everyone MUST keep a safe distance, and keep watch of the person golfing.

* BE AWARE AND PAY ATTENTION. Swinging golf clubs near people, and hitting balls existing in the bay at high speeds, can be extremely dangerous.

* Before you swing any club, check your surroundings (monitor, other players etc.) to ensure no one or obstacle is within your range of swing.

* BE AWARE of your backswing and follow through at all times.

* Your shot must be directed towards the hitting screen.

* Swinging should always take place near the hitting area of the mat.

* Practice swings must be done in the designated hitting areas.

* BE ALERT of where you stand or walk and stay out of someone’s range of swing.

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By checking this box you are consenting to Digital Dunes contacting you via email in the chance you are a winner and other promotional material. Digital Dunes will not sell, trade, or maliciously give away any Guests information to another company or organization without Guests written consent. Privacy Policy 
Guests acknowledge TW Redington LLC/ Digital Dunes is under video surveillance. Tampering with camera system or damaging equipment by not following procedures in the guidelines will result in financial compensation being paid to TW Redington LLC/ Digital Dunes. Guests and members acknowledge that photography and/or video may be recorded and used for promotional purposes without compensation. I acknowledge that by its very nature, golfing (including indoor golf), and related activities (the “Activities”) at the Premises, present, carry and involve a serious risk of physical injury to both active participants and spectators. I acknowledge that the Activities are inherently dangerous and hazardous and acknowledge that by participating in, observing, or allowing minors of whom I have legal custody to participate in or observe the Activities, I am, on behalf of myself and on behalf of each of the Releasing Parties, expressly assuming all risks associated with the Activities and expressly contracting not to sue for any injury sustained as a result of such participation in or observation of the Activities  
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