Add an Individual to the Eastminster Hospital Visitation List
Eastminster strives to visit any member of Eastminster while they are in the Hospital each day. To add an individual to the Eastminster Hospital Visitation List, simply select which hospital the patient is at, type in the patient's name and what room number they are in (if you know that information). Feel free to also leave any information you feel might be important for the Eastminster Hospital Visitation Team to have before they go to visit in the comments section at the bottom.
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Please include all names you know of that the patient may use. This can be very helpful to our Eastminster Hospital Visitation Team, especially if the patient goes by a name other than what is listed in the hospital records.
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Room Number
If you don't know the patient's room number, simply leave this blank, because this can be added or updated later.
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Relation to Eastminster
Staff can go through and update this after checking the church database, so it's ok if you don't know and leave this blank.
Feel free to include any comments that might be helpful to the Eastminster Hospital Visitation Team.
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