Disco Dance-A-Thon Entry Form
Enter to compete in the Upturn Arts Studio 504 Disco for Dance first ever Dance-A-Thon! Upon completing this form, you will be emailed three links to share on social media (Facebook, email, Twitter). It is your responsibility to share and get friends and family to donate to your campaign. People can support you by buying a ticket to the event through your campaign page or simply by donating online to your campaign. You must raise $40 by April 5th to officially be entered and attend for free.
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Example: "Let's get funky!", "You've never seen moves like mine before!", "I can dance for days!"
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Example: "[Stage Name] is known city-wide for their amazingly funky fresh dance moves. Vote here for [Stage Name]! With your help they can win the 2019 Dance-A-Thon at Upturn Arts Studio 504 Disco for Dance!"
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(Minimum $40)
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Optional, however it is encouraged as you are more likely to raise money with a video included.
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(Around 250 words), Example: [Stage Name] has danced from an early age, first for fun with their friends then eventually professionally. They are part of local dance krewes and you will see them performing with [Dance Krewe] this Mardi Gras. Come out on April 5th to see [Stage Name] perform their moves at the Upturn Arts Studio 504 Disco for Dance first ever Dance-A-Thon!
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