Beta Reader Opportunity
I am looking for beta readers to preview my stories and help shape it into its final form.
Don't you hate loopholes in books and movies?
FEEDBACK IS ESSENTIAL. Authors are too close to their books, and sometimes they need an objective eye to help them see the flaws, the loopholes, the confusing points, etc. My head knows what it's saying, but I need to make sure a reader is going to get what I want them to get.
That's where you come in!
Join my beta reader group! Get early access to all my writing, with the opportunity to provide feedback and help shape a story into something great. You don't have to read everything, especially if you get busy. Sometimes there are deadlines (that I need to adhere to) and sometimes it's more flexible. Participate as much or as little as you want--although I am also looking for dedicated beta readers who will be willing to dive deep and see the big things through to the end.
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