06-11-18 BSG - 2 Samuel 5
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Read 2 Samuel 5:1-25 today.

Underline a verse that you think is important or stands out to you.

In your journal write down the a verse that stood out to you. Under the verse jot down some ideas you have about why the verse stood out to you.

In your journal write down a summary of what the verse is about.

Summary (Understanding the Context)
In chapter 5 we hear about David finally becoming king over all of Israel. With a united kingdom for the first time in a long while, the people of God can now work together against their real enemies like the Jebusites and the Philistines.
Dig Deeper
(verses 1-5) Make a note of how the timeline of David's reign as king is broken up into two categories. First, is the time he reigned only over Judah, the second part is when he reigned over all of Israel.

(verses 6-16) Jerusalem in this chapter is given 3 different names. The first name is what it was called before David conquered the Jebusites, the second is the new name David gave it, and then there is the nick name David gave it after himself. Make a note of all of these different names for Jerusalem.

(verses 17-25) Make a note of what David did both times before going to attach the Philistines.

What were the 3 names for the city David established as his new home in Israel? *
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Talk to God
Pray that God would help you seek His instruction before you do important things in your life.
(NEW Verse of the Week) Write Psalm 23:1-3 on a sticky note or note card and put it somewhere you will see it often. *
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