Heaven To Earth Festival 2019 Volunteer Form
Please fill out the questions below to help us as we plan and start our scheduling process for this event on August 17th in Pioneer Square. Feel free to contact both Micah Askew or Carissa Gobble with specific questions regarding this form and the event on the 17th. A physical sign up sheet will be available in the Westside Vineyard church lobby too.
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What Church/Ministry/Community Are You Apart of? *
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Are you interested in helping out with the Pioneer Square outreach on August 17th? *
Have you Helped out at this event in the past?
Have You Received Any Ministry Training in the Past?
If yes please describe
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If you have helped out in the past in what tent/capacity did you serve?
Art, Worship, Dance/Drama, Healing, Street Evangelism, Prophetic tent etc.
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Please select as many from below that you are interested in helping with. We'll try to match you based on your interest, availability, experience and where help is most needed.
PLEASE NOTE! There is no category for volunteering for worship ministry as the worship leaders are responsible for contacting and creating their own teams. If you already know you will be volunteering with worship sets put that in the other category and then select any of the following you are interested in helping with between worship sets. If you are helping with sound put that in the other category please and thank you :)
Of the ministry options you selected what would your first preference be? Second? Would you be willing to do more than one?
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What part of the day can you be available to serve?
PLEASE NOTE! If you already know a specific set of hours you can be available please type those in the "other" option or if there are hours you are not available please do the same but say "not available for these hours" or you can say available between worship sets Etc.
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