Client Feedback
Your feedback matters!

As a licensed clinician and experienced consultant, I recognize the importance and power of your thoughts, experiences, and voice in shaping the services I offer and how I operate professionally in the field. In fact, quality care should be shaped by the people who use and experience the service first-hand, because you are the real expert when it comes to your life. 

Rest assured that your feedback is 100% confidential, and it will NEVER be shared in print or digital medial, nor will it be used as a testimonial. It's actually ILLEGAL for me to do that, and I take your privacy very seriously. 

You are welcome to leave your name and contact information if you would like to have a deeper discussion about your feedback. But I also recognize the importance of being able to provide feedback anonymously.* There's a LOT of power in sharing your thoughts and concerns in a non-attributional way. 

*If you decide to leave anonymous feedback, please be mindful of details in your comments that may reveal who you are. 
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The virtual office space was inviting and comfortable.
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During your sessions with Kourtney, did she
Strongly disagree
Strong agree
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Listen to you effectively?
Demonstrate she understood things from your point of view?
Focus sessions on what is important to me?
Consistently listen to what you said without judging you?
Consistently show warmth and compassion toward you?
Foster a safe and trusting environment?
Begin and finish all sessions on time?
Provide practical or valuable feedback to you?
Use a model or theory that suited your needs and therapeutic goals?
Help you reach your intended goals?
Work with you to develop an aftercare plan?
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How was your overall experience receiving services at Cultivating Capacity? 
Additional Comments
If you are not returning to counseling, please share the reason why. 
Please only leave your name if you do not wish to provide feedback anonymously. 
Please only leave your email if you would like to talk further about your feedback. Keep in mind that if you wish to provide feedback anonymously, your email address may reveal your identity.  
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