Grooming/Spa Check-In - Express
Thank you for choosing Highland Veterinary Clinic. We're here to provide compassionate, innovative, excellent care. Your pet is scheduled to be pampered by Crystal O’Mullane. We want to make sure your pet’s experience is as wonderful as possible! To communicate effectively, we have a few questions we should routinely ask.
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If you know your pet's photo has been updated, please select "Yes." If you would like to submit a new photo, please send your photo online to, or we we'll be happy to take a picture with a fresh look for your on the day of your appointment.
Current Conditions
Is your pet currently managing arthritis, experiencing pregnancy/lactation, cardiovascular disease or asthma, ear/skin condition(s), or managing a behavioral condition? If so what medications is your pet taking?
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Is Sedation Necessary for Handling Your Pet? *
Do you anticipate that your pet need to be sedated to keep him/her safe or for staff safety? If you answer yes to this question, please do not feed your pet after 9pm the night prior to your pet's admission.
Current Preferred Flea/Tick program: *
Most Recent Flea/Tick Administration Date?
*All pets struggling with external parasites must be treated at the owner’s expense.
Low-Stress Handling
Please remind us if your pet has any anxiety with any of the following procedures:
Veterinary Care
Does your pet need to see an attending veterinarian today? If so, describe
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Vaccination Record
My has been vaccinated in accordance with Highland Veterinary Clinic's immunization policy. I understand that the hospital reserves the right to require that my pet be vaccinated during my visit if these vaccines have lapsed or that Highland Veterinary Clinic reserves the right to cancel grooming appointments for pets who have not been immunized. A record or records of immunizations may be obtained:
Grooming Notes
Please note any detailed instructions for the groomer.
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