XIA: Embers of a Forsaken Star Solo Campaign Report
The goal of this form is to offer a centralized way for solo players to share their scores and experiences during the first XIA solo campaign! All of this is purely on the honor system and not verifiable. The primary goal of solo play is to have fun and compete with yourself to beat the puzzle of the solo game, but it can sometimes add to the fun if you can share your accomplishments with others. Answers to this form will be publicly available so we can all enjoy!
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What's your campaign name? *
Use some unique identifier, perhaps your name, so that all your game results from this campaign can be grouped together in the form. e.g. Ira Fay Hard Mode
What game was it in the campaign? *
What goal did you try to complete this game? *
Describe anything particularly notable that happened this game.
This isn't required, but could be fun for other people to read!
What was the game result? *
If you won, what campaign upgrade did you select? *
e.g. 5 energy re-arm.
What was your campaign score for this game? *
This isn't your fame point score, but the campaign score. A game loss (either by NPCs winning or you winning without completing the campaign goal) is -3. A win is worth the point differential between your score and the NPC's (you finish your final turn, then the game is over).
When you started this game, how many campaign goals had you already completed? *
You could be playing game 3 and have only 1 campaign goal completed if you lost a game. In a "perfect" campaign, you'd reach game 10 with 9 goals already completed.
What ship(s) did you use this game? *
Name each ship you used, separated by commas. Include any ships you bought on the last turn of the game, since those count as being "used" for the campaign.
What difficulty mode were you using? *
Hard mode is recommended for the campaign, but really you should play in whatever mode is most fun for you!
Did you use the Missions & Powers mini-expansion?
Clear selection
If any rules questions occurred, please list them here.
Any game balance feedback to Ira, or anything else you want to add?
If you want a response, include some way for Ira to contact you - email, BGG name, etc.
If you would like to be a playtester in the future, please complete this survey link (which will be kept private by Ira and Cody): https://goo.gl/forms/QdIWg6f1kDsOQX2F3
You only need to complete the playtester survey once, even though you'll complete this campaign game form multiple times for each game in your campaign.
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