June 2017 Parent Survey
Results of this survey will be used when planning PTA meetings and Parent workshops for the 2016-2017 School Year
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First Name
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Child's Name
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Do you prefer the SLT (School Leadership Team) and PTA meetings happen together on the same day or each on their own day?
Which day of the week do you prefer to have PTA meetings on? (You can choose more than one.)
Which week of the month would be best for you for PTA meetings next year?
Which time would be best for PTA meetings to start next year?
Preference for Parent Workshops: Day of the Week (You can choose more than one.)
Preference for Parent Workshops: Time (You can choose more than one.)
Are there any parent or family activities you are interested in participating in next year?
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Are there any topics you are interested in having a parent workshop about next year?
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