Become one of our Beta-Testers.
Here's the premise of Our Beta-Testing:

1. You have access to our SAT Prep database for 1 week.

2. You will sign a form stating that you will thoroughly, and to the best of your ability, complete at least 50% of the SAT database AND 2 Google Form Surveys provided throughout that 1 week.

3. The database consists of 65 topics with 5 questions per topic to do throughout the 1 week.

We are simply in need of honest feedback so that the database is as best as it can possibly be before the launch date!
- No Payment Needed
- Information Gathered Remains Confidential
- Only 50 spots available


Why should I care to do this?

1. Because you get free prep material for 1 week, so why not?

2. By participating in this study, you will be forced to study for your SAT

3. Once beta-testing is over, if you want to continue using the SAT database, you will receive a special link that will allow you to buy the membership for $3/month, not the normal price of $5/month.

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By clicking yes below you agree to fulfill all the requirements of taking on being a Beta-Tester, including doing 2 Google Forms about your experience mid-testing and after-testing and writing a detailed paragraph of which parts of the database we could fix after testing? *
By clicking yes below you agree to do at least 50% of the entire SAT Prep database during your time as a Beta-Tester?
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After being our Beta-Tester for a week, would you want to accept our deal as Premium Member for only $3 month for as long as you stay a Premium Member instead of $5?
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Here is a video of our organization for more info if your interested:
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