Forest Hills Tuv Ha'Aretz CSA Summer/Fall 2018
Welcome to online registration for Summer/Fall shares for 2018!

Shares will be Tuesday evenings for 25 weeks, from May 29th to November 13th, to the Crystal Room of the Forest Hills Jewish Center. Note: due to Jewish Holiday conflicts, shares will be on THURSDAYS for Sept 13, 20, 27 and October 4th.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership where urban consumers receive fresh, nutritious vegetables while helping to sustain the livelihoods of regional farmers. In a CSA arrangement the farmers pre-sells “shares” of their farm’s upcoming harvest to individuals, families, and institutions.

In order to complete your registration, you must:

1. Fill out the application below. **** - you will need to select your volunteer slot BEFORE completing your application. You can do that now, by clicking on this link; it will open in another window (tab).
2. We will invoice you, and give you information about where to send your check or -- pay with PAYPAL.
3. Your payment must be received within 1 week of the invoice date. PLEASE do not drop off checks to FHJC!
4. IF YOU ARE SPLITTING YOUR SHARE: ONE PARTNER MUST PAY THE FULL AMOUNT! We can no longer accept 2 payments per share.

If you are unable to volunteer, we are offering a limited number of non/volunteering slots. You may choose this option on the volunteer sign up sheet. You will be billed an additional $75.


VEGETABLE SHARES are certified organic, locally grown seasonal vegetables from Golden Earthworm Organic Farm.
For vegetable shares, you may purchase a FULL share or a HALF share. A FULL share can be for one household or can be shared between two households.
If you choose to split your full share only ONE person will sign up for the FULL Share and indicate who you will be sharing with. You will pick up the full share on a weekly basis, but you will need to coordinate with the other household who will pick up the box and how the vegetables will be divided.
HALF SHARE is another option for smaller households. You will be assigned to pick up the full amount of vegetables EVERY OTHER WEEK. "A week" and "B week" are clearly marked on the volunteer sign up sheet, you'll be assigned A or B based on what you sign for, so plan carefully.(see sign up sheet for details)

FRUIT SHARES include fresh, seasonal fruit from Briermere Farms. Since Long Island weather conditions do not allow for organic tree fruit, Briermere Farms grows tree fruit responsibly using as little spray as possible. No berries this year - it will be a shorter season of apples​, peaches and pears. The fruit share will be 14 weeks in length​.​

OPTIONAL ADD-ON SHARES we will be offering this year include BEAN, GRAIN, and Mushroom Shares from Purcell Mountain Organics. Detailed information on these different options is below.

Our CSA (like most CSAs) require our members to volunteer each season. We mainly need volunteers to staff our pick-ups on Tuesday​s​​- either evenings , or mid day for truck unloading. If you can't commit to volunteering on a Tuesday, you can sign up for another comparable task. If you are able to sign up for a volunteer shift on a Tuesday , please do not sign up for an alternative task. We use an online sign up website. Members who do not show up to their chosen volunteer slot, and do not make it up with another slot/job may be excluded from joining the CSA for the following season. ​​

We subsidize a limited number of low-income shares. If you would like to apply for a low-income share, or if you have any other financial questions, please contact our core group at

The farm cost of the vegetable share is $538 we add on $17 to cover a $3 Just Food membership per share, and $14. admin fee (to cover Paypal charges and other admin costs). We offer a $5 discount to FHJC members in thanks for hosting us!
The farm cost of fruit is $92; we add on $3 to cover Paypal and other admin costs.
Any surplus of funds is used to subsidize low-income shares and for special events.
Details about each item below:

FULL Vegetable Share, non-members: $555/ FULL Vegetable Share, FHJC members: $550
HALF Vegetable Share, non-members: $285/ HALF Vegetable Share, FHJC members: $280
FULL Fruit Share: $95/ 1/2 Fruit Share: $50/ (available only for 1/2 veg)
BEAN Share: $30 / GRAIN Share: $30
MAITAKE Organic Mushrooms $8.50
European Dried Mushroom mix $12
Non-volunteer surcharge: $75

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Vegetable shares will be delivered on Tuesday evenings for 25 weeks, from May 29th to November 12th, to the Crystal Room of the Forest Hills Jewish Center. A FULL SHARE is the full amount picked up once a week. A FULL SHARE is recommended for larger households, or for smaller households who eat a lot of vegetables. A HALF SHARE is recommended for smaller households. To do a half share you may either sign for HALF SHARE and receive a full box on alternate weeks OR: you may find another family to split a FULL SHARE on a weekly basis. One family will sign up and you and your partner coordinate who will pick up the box and how the vegetables will be divided. You can both come to the pickup and divide the box there, or you can arrange to pick up on alternate weeks.
If you are choosing to split your share of vegetables, name of share partner
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Share partner email
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Fruit *
$95 full share.$50 half share (for half vegetable orders ONLY ) . Note: if you and your share partner are splitting a FULL vegetable share and EACH want a fruit share, choose 2. If you have a HALF VEGETABLE share, you may select .5, if you want fruit or 0 if you don't want fruit. HALF SHARES MAY NOT have a full fruit share; and FULL SHARES MAY NOT choose a half share. (It's too much of a matching nightmare!) Number of fruit shares:
Beans *
Optional add-on: Organic Dried Beans. $30 per share. We will have 3 deliveries . A minimum of 2 pounds of beans - such as black beans, pinto or split peas - is included in each delivery . All 3 deliveries are included in 1 share. Number of shares desired:
Grains *
Optional add-on: Organic Grains. $30 per share. We will have 3 deliveries. A minimum of 2 pounds of grains - such as buckwheat, polenta or quinoa - is included in each delivery . All 3 deliveries are included in 1 share. Number of shares desired:
Organic Maitake Mushroom Pieces *
New this year! Receive one shipment - 2 oz. of dried organic mushroom pieces. $8.50
European Blend Dried Mushrooms *
New this Year! Receive 1 shipment (2 ounces dried mushrooms) $12. Blend contains Morels, Chanterelles, Black Trumpets, Porcini, Lobsters, Sliced Shiitakes, and Boletes. Not organic
Volunteer slot - sign up now at *
Please list the volunteer slot you chose. If you chose a non-volunteering slot, state that. YOU MUST choose that option on the volunteer sign up. NOTE: if you have not chosen a volunteer slot or signed up for non/volunteering, we will NOT process your invoice. SIGN up now at
If you are a new member, how did you hear about our CSA?
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Returning *
Were you a member of Tuv CSA in Winter 2017/18 and/or Summer 2017?
Volunteered? *
Did you fullfill your volunteer work in Winter and/or Summer 2017?
Core Group *
If you are a returning member, are you interested in being part of the Tuv Ha'Aretz Core Commitee? If interested, one of the members on the core committee will be in contact with you.
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