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Thank you for your interest in working at Canoe Island French Camp. We are looking forward to creating a community of enthusiastic, creative, fun individuals who will live, laugh, and learn with our campers. The real rewards of a summer in the spectacular San Juan Islands include exercising your body and spirit in a miraculous setting while inspiring young people to learn, play, and experience nature. Your interest and experience working with children, your commitment to being an appropriate role model, your demonstrated maturity, and your concern for the health and safety of those in your care will be determining factors in hiring. Your ability to converse in both French and English is another obvious consideration.

Please briefly answer the following questions to help us determine if you are a good counselor candidate to consider.
1. ability to use good judgment in all situations
2. ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing in French and English with campers, fellow staff, parents, and the public
3. ability to visually observe and assess camper behavior day and night with regard to its
appropriateness in view of safety, health (physical, mental) and its effect on others
4. physical ability to maintain constant supervision of campers and to respond quickly and effectively
to environmental and other hazards, including the ability to swim and ability to run at least 1 mile over rough terrain
5. ability to work with people from a variety of backgrounds
6. ability to accept supervision and guidance
7. ability to carry 45 pounds with both arms/hands

1. must be 18 or older with one year of university completed
2. possess documented experience working with children
3. possess ability to teach French language classes
4. possess or obtain documentation to work legally in the U.S.
5. possess or obtain any certifications necessary for activity leadership, per ACA standards
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Field of Study at University
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Date of Degree
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Mother Tongue
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Mother Tongue Teaching Experience
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Language #2 Proficiency
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Teaching Experience Language #2
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Experience Abroad
If you are a native anglophone, how much time have you spent in France, either studying, teaching, or visiting? (If you are a native francophone, please leave this question blank).
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Camp Experience
Do you have experience working in camps or, if French, do you have the BAFA?
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