UCSB Faculty Nonretaliation Pledge
See who has signed this pledge here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eqYX8aK9d58gJN2DTkTnT_KW1CrBDoUtJot4sAew3z4/edit?usp=sharing

This is a petition pledging nonretaliation by faculty against graduate students that are participating in the COLA (Cost-of-Living Adjustment) movement. This includes but is not limited to, graduate students who participate in COLA events, TAs withholding grades, or graduate students on full strike.

The graduate students of UC Santa Barbara ask this of faculty in order to support their pursuit of a COLA to bring graduates out of rent burden. According to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, "rent burden" means paying 30 percent or more of your take-home pay to rent, and extreme rent burden is paying 50 percent or more. At UC Santa Barbara, the situation is dire: a typical teaching assistant pays 51 percent of their wages to housing costs at average rates. This is a statewide issue, and all ten UC campuses are now actively organizing COLA movements to force their campus and the University of California to address it.

At UC Santa Barbara, graduate students are often living paycheck to paycheck. Many work multiple jobs on and off campus (in addition to teaching and research) in order to make ends meet. Many experience homelessness, sleep in their cars, face food insecurity, or struggle to support their family. We are expected to work in service of the university while the institution fails to adequately compensate us for the labor we perform. This is the reality for too many graduate students at UC Santa Barbara and across the UC system, and it is unsustainable.

We fight for a COLA not just for ourselves, but for all. COLA is more than a raise: it is a structural commitment from the institutions that our labor supports to make our lives possible in return.

As faculty, your support is essential to our success. Signing this petition means you pledge not to retaliate against any graduate students who participate in COLA actions. This will ensure graduate students are able to make steps toward obtaining a COLA and negotiate with the university administration.

What is a COLA? Why do we need a COLA at UC Santa Barbara? How did the COLA movement start?
Find out more in our COLA FAQ: https://ucsb4cola.org/index.php/faq-resources/.

See our COLA demands, presented to the UC Santa Barbara administration on February 10th, here: https://ucsb4cola.org/index.php/demands/.
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Will you add your name, pledging not to retaliate against any UCSB graduate student supporting COLA? This includes but is not limited to graduate student involvement in COLA events, TA's withholding of grades, and/or graduate students on full strike.
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Would you be interested in being a point person for your department? This would mean you simply forward future COLA updates pertinent to all faculty to the faculty in your department.
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Do you have any questions, comments, issues, or concerns? Additionally, feel free to email the COLA Faculty Outreach Committee with any inquiries as well at cola.ucsb@gmail.com.
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