SAHP Dispatch Application Form
Interested in being in the SAHP but don't want to patrol with us? Well, you can be a part of the dispatch side of things now!
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The SAHP is not a way for you to grind XP, is this okay with you?
If you're already in SAHP but want to be a dispatcher, please read.
ATTENTION: If you are already in the SAHP but you are wanting to be a dispatcher as well, don't fret. Soon enough, I will have a form on the "SAHP Internal" forms called, "SAHP Dispatch Reserve Application," meaning, if you want to be a dispatcher as well as a patrol officer, you can do that. And the same goes for dispatchers, if you want to become a trooper, I will make a "Trooper Reserve Application" for you. Thanks for taking the time to read this
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