Become a Committee member of ESN Breda
We are happy to see your interest in becoming a committee member of ESN Breda! To make the application process easier, this form shall give you an idea of the tasks of the different committees and ask for your preferences.
Events Committee
Being part of the events committee means organizing all different types of events or activities together with the Head of Events. Think about organizing large scale events such as the Masquerade Ball; City trips within the Netherlands or abroad in colaboration with other ESN sections of the Netherland; Pub Quizzes: or the Pub Crawl in the beginning of each semester.
Marketing and Media Committee
Do you have good Photoshop skills or simply like to come up with creative promotional campaigns and execute them? Then the marketing and media committe is the right committee for you! Alongside the Head of Marketing and Media, the committee members brainstorm about ways to raise awareness about ESN Breda, promote different events, or help with our Social Media pages.
Production Team
We are often looking for photographers and videographer for the different events. Therefore, the production team was created. Being part of this team does not come with any regular committements, such as committee meetings. It is possible to be part of another committee alongside being part of the production team.
Partnerships Committee
As a member of the partnerships committee, you will work together with the Head of Partnerships to find new partners and maintain the relationship with our current partners. You will brainstorm with the committee which local partners would be desirable for ESN Breda and then negotiate the best deals for our students.
Exchange Committee
The exchange committee works together with the Head of Exchange and Student Relations on creating a good start for our new international students (exchange and full-degree seeking). In the beginning of the semester, the buddy programme and the pick-up service are the priority of this committee. Other than that, the exchange committee helps to organize special sozialising events.
Social Erasmus Committe
Social Erasmus is an international project of ESN and the goal is to enable international students to contribute something to the society. So far, we organized small events to raise awareness on different matters including discussion panels. There are many more ideas on what to do throught the next semester, but being part of the social erasmus committee enables you to brainstorm about new possibilities with the other members and execute the events.
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