Restoration Scholé Application
[NOTE: THE APPLICATION PERIOD CLOSED IN AUGUST. PLEASE EMAIL RESTORATIONSCHOLE@GMAIL.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION.] Ready to apply for possible admission to the Restoration Scholé community group for the 2020-2021 academic year? Space is limited, due to class size capacity. Application deadline is August 21, 2020.
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Do you consider yourself a classical homeschooler? *
Have you read through the Restoration Scholé "About Us" document, located here:, including the Statement of Faith, Christ-centered vision, and focus on diversity? *
Have you read through the Restoration Scholé "2020-2021 Syllabus" document, located here: *
Is your / your child's schedule available on 1 PM Central Time on Fridays for our weekly Zoom meetings? *
All Scholé Groups have a similar educational framework in common, and members agree to share in this vision and carry out this structure in their own individual homeschools. Do you currently follow, or plan to follow, a classical curriculum path roughly similar to the one outlined here? *
Do you understand we are not a physical school or an umbrella school, and do not provide a legal covering? *
Do you understand we are not a virtual drop-off teaching program? *
Do you agree to help your child/ren participate in a flipped classroom model, in which the student/s interact with the bulk of the lesson material first at home in the family setting, then come to the weekly community meeting on Zoom, ready to discuss what has been learned? *
Do you agree to pay a per-family fee of approximately $38 to cover the cost of a paid annual Zoom subscription? (If collected fees exceed the cost of a paid annual Zoom subscription, you will receive an adjusted partial refund.) Restoration Scholé directors are volunteering their time to serve this community. *
Do you currently use curriculum from any of the following classical education providers? Please check all that apply. *
If you answered "Additional publishers..." above, please list a sampling of curriculum companies you generally use. There is no wrong answer.
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