Temperature Control Lab
Lab Kit: Arduino UNO, Temperature Control Lab Shield, 2 Cables (power and USB communication), and USB 2A, 5V Power Supply. The lab URL is printed on the Arduino Lab Shield.

The cost is $25 per kit for PID+MPC bulk orders (for University Instructors) and $35 per kit for others. The TCLab is also available on Amazon at https://amzn.to/2FopcMp

Software for MATLAB and Python is available from https://apmonitor.com/heat.htm
Advanced control exercises are available from https://apmonitor.com/do/index.php/Main/AdvancedTemperatureControl

Temperature Control Lab
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Arduino UNO, TC Lab Shield, 2 Cables (power and USB communication), Small Cardboard Box, and USB Power Supply (US plug). EU power plug converter is available upon request.
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