Westover Baptist Church 2021 Virtual Vacation Bible School Registration August 2 - 6, 2021
Use this online form to register your child for Westover's Vacation Bible School - ONE form per child
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The following questions relate to Westover Church's media policies. Please carefully read them and answer ALL of the questions. You must acknowledge positively that you have read the Media Release Policy for your child(ren) to participate in VBS. The questions that follow relate to how you would prefer any images of your child(ren) used.
MEDIA RELEASE POLICY: Westover Baptist Church respects individual privacy and the personal wishes of individuals who participate in programs and events held on the Westover Church campus. Our ministries and outreach activities are structured to welcome the community we serve. To effectively accomplish this objective we display pictures and photographs of these activities in our social medial such as Facebook and Twitter, our website, newsletter, and internal communication documents. Please read the information below. I hereby permit Westover Baptist Church to record me or my child’s likeness, voice, image, and/or appearance (“Information”), and give Westover Baptist Church permission to use, publish my own or my child’s voice, photograph and/or likeness, in their current form or as retouched, digitized, cropped, or modified in any way, in any and all social networking media, advertising, marketing and/or promotional materials or otherwise. Such authorization includes, but is not limited to, common forms of print and electronic media. I further authorize, Westover Baptist Church to copyright, publish, and/or use such information for above stated purposes. In addition, I authorize Westover Baptist Church to copyright and/or publish any description and/or narrative of my own or my child’s participation in organization programs/activities. I also acknowledge that Westover Baptist Church owns all rights, title, and interest in such Information. I further acknowledge that Westover Baptist Church has the exclusive right to edit such Information and to decide whether to use any portion of it. I understand, and agree that I shall have no right of approval and no claim arising out of any use, alteration, distortion, digitization, modification or use in any composite form, either now or in the future. In addition, I fully release Westover Baptist Church, its staff, agents, and/or designees from and against any and all liability that may arise as result of my participation in company programs/activities, and from any distortion, blurring, alteration, or use in composite form, either intentionally or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in the taking, processing, or reproduction of such Information. I affirmatively state that my participation in the above-referenced activities is voluntary and does not conflict with any commitment I may have to any person or entity. I have read this Media Release Policy prior to submitting the VBS Registration form, and acknowledge that I understand and agree to its contents except as indicated in my responses to the following three questions. *
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