You are cordially invited to attend The Manor Masquerade Ball on Friday November 14, 2014 at 7:00 pm at The Manchester Country Club.

    In the spirit of Peter Woodbury School and all events fun, intriguing, and mysterious, please come in masquerade attire and whatever formal wear you can conjure up from the back of your closet, thrift store, or neighbor. A blue polyester tux hanging about? Great! An old bride's maid gown? Lovely! A dark suit and bow tie? Perfect! Last year's holiday cocktail dress? Marvelous! This evening is about community and great fun as we dance the night away at the Manchester Country Club, bid on some of the area's finest gifts, and unravel any mysterious events that may occur. Pay attention to whom you are never know the importance of the spoken word.

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    All proceeds will benefit the Peter Woodbury School Multi-Purpose Room and the purchase of a new sound/presentation system. Your support is greatly appreciated.


    Please continue through this form, click submit, and send in payment labeled with: your student's name, your name, and student's teacher (payable to PWS) to Mrs. Beltramo or by mail (PWS 180 County Road, Bedford, NH 03110) by 10/15/2014. Tickets are limited and first come first served. Any questions, please email Mrs. Beltramo at We look forward to a spectacular evening!