Study: Effects of Different Types of Input Devices on Interactive Fidelity
The Laboratory for Quantitative Experience Design at the University of Utah ( is seeking volunteers for a study regarding a video game. The purpose of this study is to understand the effect of different types of input devices on interactive fidelity.

You will not receive any direct benefit for taking part in this study. However, your participation in this study will help enhance gameplay experience and improve game design.

Study Procedure
Overall, this experiment is expected to last 15-20 minutes, depending on your performance and accuracy.

If you agree to take part in this study, you will be asked to play an FPS video game inside a virtual reality environment (VR) developed originally at University of Utah. Before gameplay you will be asked to complete a demographic survey that includes prior VR gaming experience. During gameplay, you will be shooting floating targets and your final scores will be recorded in a completely anonymized fashion. The game session ends when all targets are shot or the timer runs out. you will play through 2 or 3 mini sessions with a different input device for each session. After gameplay, you will will be asked to fill 3 surveys regarding presence, engagement, and precision. We are mainly interested in your performance inside the game using the provided input device.

You must be 18 years or older to participate.

The Purpose of this Form
The sole purpose of this form is to grant permission to contact you about setting up the study for your participation. Agreement to be contacted or a request for more information does not obligate you to participate in any study.
Consent to be Contacted
By writing my email in the text box below, I confirm that I have read this form and I consent to be contacted for the sole purpose of setting up the study for my participation. I acknowledge that the setup may involve multiple emails in order to accommodate the primary investigator and my own participation.
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