Charity Older Kids October Home Session
This is the Digital Turn In for October for children in Grades 6 - 8 who watched YDisciple Talks: How To Pray.
Family Name: *
Complete Names (list everyone who's working together to fill this out): *
Scene 1
Fr. Rick explains that when he was a kid the thing he spent most his time playing was... *
What did the plaque that Fr. Rick received as a young man say about Taking Time for Prayer: *
Scene 2
What's the difference between Fluffy and us? *
What makes love possible? *
Because God gives us freedom and doesn't impose Himself on us, Fr. Rick describes God as... *
What movie does Fr. Rick use as an example of God providing opportunities for us instead of just giving us what we ask for. *
How do you feel about the claim that God answers prayers all the time? *
Scene 3
What does Fr. Rick say we need to stop in order to hear God's voice? *
What Old Testament Bible story did Fr. Rick share? Give me a summary. *
How is prayer like a sport? *
Scene 4
What would you text Jesus right now? *
Who are you more like in your life? Martha or Mary? *
Scene 5
Lectio Divina, a form of praying with the Bible, translates to... *
Have you ever tried praying with the Bible? If so, how did it go? If not, why not? *
During the Mass, what can we use our imagination to picture? Why would we imagine that? *
Fr. Rick suggests three more ways to pray after the Mass. Describe one of them here. *
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