USA Ultimate Affiliate: Local Outreach Representative (LOR) - Position Description and Agreement
General Role Description:
To assist with the growth of the sport by serving as a main contact for people in your local area that have questions about starting programs, connecting with playing opportunities, or available resources. As the Local Outreach Representative (LOR), you represent the local affiliate as well as USA Ultimate.

Serving as a point person for players, parents, teams, administrators and other organizations in the area and helping to:
• be a willing contact for USA Ultimate HQ to direct inquires from other prospective affiliate partners or from prospective ultimate organizers in the affiliate's local area,
• represent USA Ultimate positively and enthusiastically and speak about the importance and value of the affiliate program to those who inquire,
• connect people with appropriate playing opportunities,
• find volunteers who can run clinics or demonstrations when needed,
• match coaches with potential programs in need,
• direct people to appropriate local resources and programs,
• direct people to appropriate USA Ultimate contacts or resources as needed,
• foster partnerships between the affiliate and other local groups,
• guide community administrators to appropriate resources for the successful implementation of ultimate programs (i.e. YMCA, Parks & Rec, Community Recreation, etc.),
• find a replacement LOR upon decision to step down.

• Pride in representing your affiliate organization to contacts around the country
• Growth of your affiliate organization by promoting its mission and programs to new participants and groups.
• Fun helping to facilitate a great opportunity for people to play ultimate.
• Networking opportunities from engaging with other ultimate players throughout your area and around the world.

• Passion for promoting and supporting the sport of ultimate AND the affiliate program.
• Adherence to principles of the USA Ultimate mission --
• Upholding USA Ultimate policies, procedures, and guidelines.
• Knowledge of USA Ultimate administrative structure(s) --
• Good communication and organizational skills.
• Regular access to email and the internet.

Length of Term:
The LOR is appointed by the USA Ultimate Affiliate organization's leadership. The term shall be one calendar year, subject to annual review and evaluation, and may be terminated by the USA Ultimate Director of Community Development at any time.

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