Black Pound Day National Black Business Survey
Who we are:
Black Pound Day (BPD) is a socio-economic movement focused on empowering Black businesses and entrepreneurs. As the biggest Black-led economic movement in the UK, BPD has disrupted spending habits to recreate a regular spending pattern centred on supporting Black businesses, every first Saturday of the month. Thus, enabling all communities to easily make a conscious choice to spend Black.

What we do:
Our movement shows how Black celebration and allyship can stand side-by-side for equity and a unified cause. Since our inception, the term 'Black-owned business' has been searched more than ever before in London, according to Google data. Our primary focus is to gain greater visibility for Black-owned businesses and to ultimately increase opportunities for brand awareness and sales revenue.

How you can take part:
By taking the time to complete this survey you can share your experience as a Black business and the impact of BPD, since the first Black Pound Day on the 27th June 2020.

We also have one of the largest Black-owned business directories in Europe with over 1,500 businesses listed. By joining our free directory your business can be easily discovered with an additional option to appear on our national Black business map in partnership with Google. Please visit our website to find out more.

If you are completing this survey on a mobile device, please turn your device to landscape to see all of the options.

Please note that all information below will be held by Black Pound Day Ltd. If you wish to be removed from our database at a later date, please send an email to with the subject header 'Data removal'. Your data will not be shared with any third parties. For further information on our data privacy practices, please visit our privacy policy at

This survey will take approximately 10 - 15 minutes to complete.

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Is your business owned (at least 50%), by someone who identifies as Black? *
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Do you think the anniversary of #BlackPoundDay should be a national holiday?
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Has #BlackPoundDay motivated you to continue growing your business?
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What challenges do you face as a Black business owner? Please select one answer for all that apply. *
No impact (0 - 3)
Slight impact (3 - 5)
Not sure
Some impact (5 - 7)
Massive impact (7 - 10)
Access to resources
Funding and capital
Training and education
Finding staff
Recovering post Covid-19 pandemic
Business rates
Finding mentorship
Gaining visibility online
Racism & discrimination
If there are any additional barriers or challenges that you may face, please tell us more below. Your transparency helps us to understand your local business journey. All answers are treated with sensitivity.
What influenced your decision to start your business? (please select one answer per question) *
Creation of Black Pound Day
Global pandemic
Covid-19 Lockdown
Side hustle
Developing a hobby
Community support
Increase residual income
Other (please state below)
To solve a problem
Family pressure
Career change
If there are any additional reasons, please tell us more below. Your transparency helps us to understand your business journey. All answers are treated with sensitivity.
What business support would you find useful? *
Not helpful (0 - 3)
Some help (3 - 5)
Not sure
Very helpful (5 - 7)
Game changer (7 - 10)
Training and education
Reduced business rates
A drop-in hub
Online business workshop
A local business newsletter
Access to grants and funding
Local business promotion
Mastermind group
Pop-up shop/ Retail opportunity
Product distribution
Supply chain
Scaling up
If there are any additional ideas or feedback that you think would help your local business community, please tell us more below. Your transparency helps us to understand your business journey. All answers are treated with sensitivity.
How do you describe your race/ethnicity? *
For Black or Mixed other please add details here *
Has your business been impacted by #BlackPoundDay? *
If you have been impacted by #BlackPoundDay, please share details of how below.
What effect has Black Pound Day had on your business? *
No difference (0 - 3)
A little difference (3 - 5)
Not sure
Very helpful (5 - 7)
Game changer (7 - 10)
Increased social media following
Selling out of products
Increased sales
More repeat customers
Increase in website traffic
More press coverage
Collaboration opportunities
Corporate partnerships
Receiving funding
Is #BlackPoundDay a part of your monthly marketing strategy? *
Do you implement a Black Pound Day sales code on #BlackPoundDay?
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Have you seen a spike in sales since participating in #BlackPoundDay? *
What is the largest turnover you have made on a single Black Pound Day? *
Where do you source your raw materials/products?
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Are sustainability and ethical practices important to you and your business?
Not important
Slighty important
Very important
Essential considerations
Not sure
Environmental impact
Ethical practices
Fair treatment of workers
Improving the lives of local communities
Other (please state below)
Does your business currently implement sustainable and ethical practices?
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If you answered Yes, please share more specific detail here
How can Black Pound Day help and support you more? (please state below)
Do you currently feel supported by your local council?
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Has Black Pound Day enabled you to make any sustainable or lasting changes to your business. If yes, please share how?
If you have any other comments/feedback you would like to share, please do so below.
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