UW–Madison MDM Service Pilot Enrollment Request
Request form for UW–Madison MDM Service Pilot Enrollment. See https://mobile.wisc.edu/mdm for more information.
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UW–Madison Division *
UW–Madison Department *
Well-known "short name" or abbreviation for your department, group, or organization, if any (e.g., as used in third-level wisc.edu domain name or similar). This will be used to generate your unique AirWatch Organizational Group (OG) Group ID. If left blank, we will generate a Group ID for you.
Parent IT organization(s) with IT authority over your organization and point(s) of contact, if any. If appropriate, this may be used to place your AirWatch Organizational Group (OG) under a parent OG.
Types of devices you wish to test. (Initial supported project scope is devices running Apple iOS or Google Android, though AirWatch supports many device and OS types.) *
Approximate total number of devices you wish to test. *
Approximate total number of devices you anticipate enrolling in MDM in the future.
Your use cases for MDM. *
Your device ownership types. *
Directory/other services you use for authentication and/or authorization. *
Do you use Active Directory for user/group management? *
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