REACH out to Kore
This form is to facilitate an anonymous or non-anonymous option to inform us if you've witnessed or have experienced harm being caused to yourself or another person.

You have the choice to simply disclose the matter so that Kore admin is aware and will address privately.
If you'd like action to follow up, Kore admin would need a contact name and info.

Not all questions are required to be answered, but know that the more information that is provided the better we can respond accordingly
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When did this incident happen? (Date & Time)
What persons were involved & how (feel free to name yourself "Anonymous")
Were there other witnesses? If yes, who?
Where did the incident occur?
(If applicable) Was anything damaged, stolen or vandalized?
Description of incident: Write your observations of the incident in chronological order, in as much detail as possible. *
Were authorities notified? If yes, which authorities?
What subsequent actions or responses (or lack of actions/responses) to the incident were taken that you were aware of? (e.g. reported to police, cancelled cards)
(optional) If you feel comfortable, you may choose to provide us with your name, phone number, and/or email address. Tips and reports are kept confidential to Kore Administration. Important Disclaimer: our effectiveness in responding appropriately may be limited when reports are made anonymous
(optional) Is there anything we can do to help you, the situation, or for prevention?
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