Straban Township Recreation Questionnaire
Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey (10 Questions). The first few questions are related to the park and the later questions are related to trails and bicycle or walking paths throughout the township. This survey is being conducted by the Straban Township Recreation Board with the permission of the Straban Board of Supervisors. This survey is only for information gathering purposes. We appreciate your input and time.
Are you a Straban Township resident? *
If you are not a Straban Township resident, in what township do you reside?
Do you have children in your household? *
Are there any retired people in your home? *
Do you use the Straban Township Park *
If you use the park what activities do you enjoy there?
Is there another option you would like to see added to the park?
Is it safe to walk or ride a bicycle around your home or in your neighborhood? *
Do you use any of the bicycle or walking paths available in Straban Township such as the Gettysburg North Trail (the path on Old Harrisburg Road running past the Ag Center)? *
Would you like to see more trail or path options to connect areas within Straban Township? *
Do you have any other questions or suggestions for the members of the Straban Township Recreation Board?
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