Halloween Social Feedback Form
Please let us know how you found our activities this Sunday! All comments will be anonymous unless you'd like us to contact you to discuss your comments in more detail.
Is this your first time attending a large UBC Anime club event? (Weeklies don't count.) *
Did you feel welcomed at our event? (i.e. Did you have adequate interactions with our executives? Did you have an understanding of what was going on the whole time? Were the rules for the games/event schedule clear?) *
How did you like the Atom game?
How did you like the Food challenges?
How did you like the "Stab the Protagonist" game?
How did you like the music/band (i.e. UAM/UBC Ani Music)?
How did you like the Cosplay Contest?
How easy was it to connect with people during the event? *
Did you visit the lounge above the theater during the event? *
If you voted 3 or less on any of the questions above, please let us know how we could improve.
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Do you have any further suggestions or feedback?
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If you would like to contact us, or would like us to contact you to ask about what you think would be a great improvement to future events, please leave us a way to contact you! :)
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