Psych NP Cast - Guest Inquiry
Thank you for expressing interest in being a guest on the new podcast called Psych NP Cast.  The goal of this podcast is to provide education, information, and entertainment to the PMHNP community and their peers.

We are looking for guests to talk about psychopharmacology, alternative treatments, therapy, business, sex and psych, chronic disease and psych, revenue, cultures, community groups... well anything that might be of interest to PMHNPs and their peers.

The show format is simple.  We have a few styles we are working with but the shows will be 20-30 minutes long. Our guests will be interviewed and we will discuss you, your practice (or business) and you will talk about your topic. We do ask, when appropriate that you provide references and we will cite them in the show notes.

This is an information "talk show format" podcast so speak about your passion. We can all do that.
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