Exploring Physics Post-Pilot Student Survey
Your school was involved in piloting (trying out) the Exploring Physics App in your classroom.
This survey asks you questions about your experience with the App
Your answers will be anonymous (will not be connected to your name) and confidential (will not be shown to your teachers or parents).
Thank you for letting us know about your experience with the Exploring Physics App!
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Frequency of Use
The following questions are related to the Exploring Physics App that you have been using in class.
How many HOURS did you spend using this app in class each WEEK? *
Did you use the app at HOME? *
If you answered Yes to the previous question, how much time did you spend using the app at HOME each WEEK? *
When I used the app I had PROBLEMS with (check all that apply) *
Product Satisfaction
Tell us about your experience with the app. *
Very easy
Somewhat easy
Somewhat difficult
Very Difficult
Using the app was
Learning physics with the app was
Learning from the reading pages was
Learning from the videos was
Learning from the animations was
Learning from the simulations was
Learning from the labs was
Tell us what you think about your TEACHER'S use of the app in your class. *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Not Sure
The app is easy for my teacher to use
The app improved the way my teacher teaches class
My teacher is excited to use the app in class
My teacher understood how to use the app
What did you LIKE about the app? *
What did you NOT LIKE about the app? *
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