Talks, Therapists and Workshops application- Kilifi New Year
Kilifi Roots Festival is ready to welcome applications for all Talks, Workshops and therapists!
We are looking for likeminded people to join our family, and this application is where you start that journey

Kilifi Roots Festival – it is the amazingly creative volunteers, artists and attendees who are going to make this festival amazing.
Therefore, we would LOVE you to join us with all your delicious, beautiful or astounding services and creations – whether that be a talk, a workshop or a therapy- the more dynamic the better!

This year’s event hopes to attract 2500 attendees. We are relying on all of you to provide the added value of community to our amazing festival.

With our new Mind, Body and Soul area, we are very excited to be hosting workshops, talks and therapists to enhance the festivals values of holistic living and conscious education. If you would like to participate in the festival the MBS team are waiting with open arms!

General FAQ

!!!??? When is the deadline for applications?
- Applications will be received from October 1st. The deadline for applications is November 1st 2018.
-You can expect a final response by November 15th 2018.

While we encourage as much diversity as possible, please understand that places are limited.
- Once your application is received, we will get back to you as soon as possible with a response. Your booking will only be considered as Confirmed once a contract is signed and full fees have been paid.
How much does it cost?

-Workshops, Therapists, Performers and Artists will be asked to pay full price for a Kilifi New Year Ticket, for which they will be reimbursed after their agreed participation.

- Applicants will be accepted based on their ability to provide reliable and quality service to Kilifi New Year attendees. Kilifi New Year takes no responsibility for the security of your equipment, staff, cash or personal belongings at any time. The Venue requires exclusivity for the sales of all alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, and sodas.

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Full name
Email address
Phone number
What is the name of your offering?
Please describe your offering
Please give us a brief statement about yourself or your team's experience and expertise.
Have you ever participated in other festivals with your offering? If so, let us know which, and provide any links.
Can you provide a variety of content? For example, can you provide a workshop and a talk?
Do you have an individual space i.e. tented area, structure, installation that you will bring? If so please give details of the dimensions here. If not, please specify what you require from us in the way of a platform to showcase your skills. (i.e. shade, closed tent, microphone, speaker, etc)
What is the maximum number of people you are able to host for your offering. (i.e. a Cacao ceremony for up to 15 participants... or massage therapy for one person at a time).
Please upload any material you would be happy to share with our marketing team which we can use in news pieces and promotional material for the festival. This includes text, images and video. If yes, please upload here…
Please confirm your willingness to share marketing messages regarding your offering at Kilifi New Year with your social following
How many people are on your team? Please explain their roles.
When do you and/or your team expect to arrive and leave? Please note, that if you are bringing structures or installations, you must arrive on the 30th before midday.
Will you also be operating at warm up events at Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers?
Will you need space for camping? If so how many tents will you bring?
We have basic crew food on site - Will you require staff meals? Please identify how many and on which days. NB. Staff food will only be offered on day of performance/stall operation.
For Therapists we suggest a voluntary donation of KES 500- 1000.00 per partaker. Would you be asking for donations?
Anything else? Is there anything we've not covered that we might need to know? Do you have any questions?
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