Festival of Creative Learning 2018: The Mobile Campus-Imagining The Future of (Distributed) and Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh
The event is scheduled to run on 23 February at 13:00 GMT and all with an affiliation to the University of Edinburgh are welcome to attend. The event is designed to explore a series of provocations delivered via mobile messaging on what the future of distributed (and digital) education will be for the university. The event will be 45-60 minutes in length, and moving through select aspects of the campus. Participants will comprise both on-campus students and staff, as well as any distance education students that might wish to participate, creating essentially a distributed mobile learning activity: multiple locations, multiple group configurations, and multiple spatial dimensions transversed. Beyond these pedagogical and logistical explorations, the activity has a core aim: to identify the future of the University of Edinburgh as seen through a mobile and highly distributed perspective.

Participants will be delivered at automated intervals prompts (provocations), questions, or passages from selected texts exploring the future of disciplinary fieldwork, the future of distributed education (particularly relevant as the university attempts to broaden their digital education offerings as part of their core business strategy), and values-oriented questions as to what the university does in the future: access, equity, decolonization, compassion, identity, and so forth.

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