International Educational Theatre Research
Dear Colleagues,
As a practitioner in the field of educational theatre I would like to request your help. I am doing a research to map all the different educational forms of theatre with the hope that this will help in developing this field of activity in Hungary. I am leading a research on behalf for InSite Drama, and we believe that an understanding of situations and practices from around the globe will help practitioners in Hungary reflect on their own work and become more professional in the field. This is also a larger national project to develop terminology, quality assurance and strategy in this field.

Filling the questionnaire might take you 5 minutes, or 25, it depends on how much information you can share, I would be grateful for any information you can share and if you are interested I am happy to share back the raw data gathered for further research.

I would be grateful if you sent the questionnaire on to colleagues in different countries in the world who have a wider picture of processes and practices in their country.
We are collecting information on theatre programmes that the following 5 points TOGETHER cover:
• Contains scenes of theatre or dance or puppet performance
• Offers audiences some form of participatory interaction (discussion or workshop) connected to the performance. This could be before, after or in between the performance.
• It is primarily aimed at school-aged audiences.
• The creators have educational aims with the programme.
• The programme can be repeated, it is not a one-off event.
(For example: a performance with a preparatory and/or post-show discussion or workshop; TIE programme; participatory theatre performance; interactive theatre performance; forum theatre; interactive classroom theatre etc.)
All further references to educational theatre refer to practices that are covered by these points.

In case you have any queries or question regarding the research, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.
Adam Bethlenfalvy

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