VCF PNW 2019 Visitor Survey
Thank you for joining us at VCF PNW 2019! Please help us next year by giving us some feedback.

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Michael Brutman
VCF PNW President, CEO, and Executive Floppy Disk Shuffler
How did you hear about VCF PNW 2019?
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How far did you travel to come to VCF PNW 2019?
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How much time did you spend at VCF PNW 2019 over the course of the two days it was running?
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How much time did you spend talking to the exhibitors or other people in the exhibit hall?
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Which presentations did you attend
If we do this again next year how likely would you be to visit?
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Would you recommend this event to other people?
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We are always looking for exhibitors and speakers; would you consider participating at a future VCF event?
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How familiar are you with the Vintage Computer Federation? (The VCFed is the organization that brought this event to the museum.)
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Last question - On a scale of 1 to 10 how did we do?
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