KVI Demo: Partnership Opportunities
These sample Key Value Indicators might be used to evaluate whether a company should participate in a partnership or industry working group.

This demo will show you a few sample KVIs and give you an idea of the kinds of questions used to forecast and assess qualitative value. At the end you can choose whether to have a sample report emailed to you.

Competitive Advantage *
Does the partnership give us preferred access to data, clients, and/or unique business processes?
Is the partnership likely to give us a sustainable competitive advantage?
Is the expected output something we could develop and implement on our own?
Talent Development *
Assess the impact participation will have on our people:
High Impact
Medium Impact
Low Impact
No Impact
Will participating in the partnership foster talent development?
Can the company gain new or expanded expertise or knowledge through participation?
Will this project foster cross-functional team building?
Will participation increase the company's recruiting opportunities?
Operational Excellence *
The partnership:
Significantly Advances
Moderately Advances
Some Impact
No Impact
Ensures Data Access and Integrity
Enables Agile Process Design
Increases Data Sharing and Analysis
Develops Cross-Functional Skills
Innovation *
Will the partnership advance the use of:
Partnership Focus
Some Use or Impact
Not Used
Wearables / Sensors
Artificial Intelligence
Virtual or Mobile Delivery Systems
Execution Risk *
What is the likelihood that the partnership output will be successfully implemented or delivered?
Low Chance of Adoption
High Chance of Adoption
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