The Champions of Marvel Champions
The MCM team will be recording a Marvel Champions Awards Show in February - we need the community to help us determine the winners. Vote on the categories below and see which heroes, villains, and cards come out on top. This survey will close on 2/15!

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Most Improved - Which Hero released before 2021 do you think gained the most from this year's releases?
Bright Newcomer - Which Hero released in 2021 is your favorite?
Worst Nightmare - Which nemesis minion is your favorite of the designs
Favorite New Ally?
Most Likely to Succeed - Which hero do you think will jump the most on your list in the next year (has the biggest potential)
Rank the Aspects from favorite to least favorite after all the 2021 releases!
1st - Favorite
4th - Least Favorite
Which aspect improved the most with 2021 releases?
Favorite new Aggression Card?
Favorite new Justice Card?
Favorite new Leadership Card?
Favorite new Protection Card?
Favorite new Basic Card?
Most Villainous - Best Newcomer Scenario - Which new scenario is your favorite?
Most Modular - Best Newcomer Mod Set from 2021 - Which new modular set is your favorite?
Most Anticipated - Which non-announced (or leaked) hero do you most want to see added in 2022
Best Upcoming Spider
Best Release
Best Champions dedicated non-MCM Podcast
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Favorite non-MCM Youtuber
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Favorite Overall Hero!
Least Favorite Overall Hero!
Favorite Overall Scenario
Least Favorite Overall Scenario
Any comments, funny stories, or champions memories from 2021 you'd like to share with the community?
Any comments for the show or recommended categories for the 2022 awards show?
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