PAXCON 2019 Evaluation
The planning committee takes information gathered from the evaluation to guide the planning for future conferences. Thank you for taking the time to share feedback about this year's conference.
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Overall, how would you rate the 2019 Patuxent River Conference?
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How would you rate the quality of the keynote session by Dr. Melissa Kenney?
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How would you rate the quality of the break-out sessions?
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Please share the break out sessions you attended and any specific comments related to those sessions.
How would you rate the quality of the lunch meal provided?
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How would you rate the quality of the Local Perspectives Panel?
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Do you feel you will take action to improve the Patuxent River as a result of attending this conference?
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Please explain actions that you plan to take.
How would you rate the quality of the conference venue?
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How would you rate the format of the day?
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The conference was well organized and ran smoothly
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Please share any additional thoughts or comments about the 2019 Patuxent River Conference
What time of year do you think is best for this conference?
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Should PAXCON occur annually or every other year?
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Why do you feel this way?
What was the most beneficial part of the day for you?
What suggestions do you have for future Patuxent River Conference topics, venues, or speakers?
Over the course of the past few conferences, participants have brought up the idea of creating action oriented workgroups that can meet periodically to work on themes and issues that come up at the conference. Would you be interested in joining a PAXCON workgroup?
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If so, what topic areas would you be interested in working on that pertain to the Patuxent River (i.e. PAX River master plan development, land acquisition, diversity and equality, education and outreach, climate change issues)?
The PAXCON Planning Committee is a group of talented and committed individuals who meet in person or via phone once monthly to plan the details of the conference. If you would like to join the conference planning committee, please write your name and email address below.
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