The POIS Survey
Postorgasmic illness syndrome (POIS) is a debilitating sex-related illness that affects men and possibly women. Men with POIS have chronic physical and cognitive symptoms following ejaculation.

Beyond this, little is known about POIS. We are conducting this survey in an effort to understand it better. The result of the survey will be:
* Scientific papers on POIS published in medical journals.
* A publicly available data set, which will make it easier for other researchers to investigate POIS.

This is a survey of BOTH people who have POIS **AND** people who DO NOT have POIS. Please proceed whether or not you have POIS.

*** People WITHOUT POIS ***
* By completing this survey, you help support research into MEN'S HEALTH.
* Your responses are IMPORTANT because we need a comparison group.
* You are filling out a SHORTER VERSION of the survey, which has ONLY 20 QUESTIONS and should take you about 10 MINUTES.
* There is an additional OPTIONAL section. We appreciate it if you fill it out. However, if you are short on time, you are free to skip some or all of the question in that section.

*** People with POIS ***
* By completing this survey, you help support research into POIS.
* By COMPLETELY filling out this survey, including the optional Section, you are doing what you can to help understand this disease.
* The survey should take ONLY about 50 minutes.

GOOGLE. You have to be logged into Google to respond to this survey. This is to give you the option of coming back and UPDATING YOUR ANSWERS. I do NOT see your Google username. IF YOU ARE RETURNING to UPDATE YOUR ANSWERS, please make sure that you are logged in with the same Google account.

ABOUT. I am a researcher. I am not a medical doctor or a healthcare provider. I cannot and do not provide any medical advice, especially since so little is known about POIS. This survey is intended to be self-explanatory. However, if you do have questions about the survey or if you find errors, the best way to contact me is by email at or through Reddit at /u/La_pet1te_mort .

MORE INFO. There are other diseases or syndromes that are possibly related to POIS or that might be a form of POIS. These post-orgasmic diseases include Dhat syndrome, post-coital tristesse (PCT), sexual headache / coital cephalalgia, and la petite mort. For more information, see .

Some POIS sufferers might attempt to improve their symptoms through practices such as NoFap, abstinence from pornography, masturbation, and orgasm (PMO), non-ejaculatory sex, non-ejaculatory orgasm (NEO), semen retention, karezza, tantra yoga, celibacy, taking supplements or drugs, following a particular diet, and even castration.

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