Greenlining Academy Alumni Association Professional Development Scholarship Application

The Greenlining Academy Alumni Association (GAAA) Professional Development Scholarship provides Greenlining Academy Alumni financial support to enable their continued professional growth. Scholarships can be applied to qualifying trainings, travel to qualifying trainings, and other professional development-related costs. Qualifying trainings focus on management, technical and/or leadership skills that contribute meaningfully to the applicant's professional growth and advancement. Examples of trainings include budgeting, strategic planning, facilitation, grant proposal writing and Microsoft Excel. Examples of other professional development needs include business cards, membership dues and journal subscriptions. Etc.

Who is eligible? Any Greenlining Academy Alumni (Fellows, Associates, Work Study Interns, and Casa Joaquin Murrieta Residents)

What is covered? Costs of trainings, workshops, conferences, continuing education courses and other activities and needs that contribute to the alumnus' professional development.

What is NOT covered? Undergraduate or graduate courses that are part of the alumnus' degree or the cost of food or meals.

How much is a scholarship? Usually, up to $200. Higher requests may be considered on a case-by-case basis. A contribution toward the professional development of the GAAA will be required for special consideration requests. Please contact the Professional Development Chair for further information at

Alumni can receive no more than 2 scholarships in a 12-month period. Also, applicants are expected to apply to other scholarships they qualify for, and in the case that they receive those, GAAA will pay any remaining difference.

Scholarship grants are reviewed on a rolling basis by the GAAA Board and are based on eligibility, available funds and significance and purpose of training. Grant applications will be reviewed by members of the GAAA Board and approved within 1 week of receipt.

A rejected application can be appealed if you believe your proposal meets the eligibility requirements. You can appeal the decision by emailing your request for a second review to both the Professional Development Chair at and the Chair at The Chair and the Professional Development Chairwill reconsider the request and issue a final decision. A second review cannot be appealed. If the second review is requested by the GAAA Board Chair for her or his reimbursement, the Vice Chair and the Professional Development Chair will conduct the review.

GAAA will aim to reimburse the alumnus within one month of completing the following:
• a short report-back on the training through the GAAA’s social media forums,
• a copy of the application approval email, and
• the original paid bill or receipt(s) attached to the professional development reimbursement request form.

Full details are provided to the applicant when his/her grant application is approved.

We would like you to share your Professional Development experience with the rest of the GAAA. Thus, all grant recipients must write a short report-back and post it on the GAAA’s LinkedIn Group or Facebook forums. We also reserve the right to select quotes from your report back for the Greenlining Institute’s website.

The report back should be no more than 1/2 page and should include the following:
• A very short description of the training or need supported
• One useful lesson or skill you attained
• For a training, a response to the questions: Would you recommend the training to other alums? Why/why not?
• How to get more information about the training, including website etc.

Complete this form and submit. Once you've submitted the application, please email the Professional Development Chair at who will contact you with a response within one week. Thank you!
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Please list in the space below your itemized expenses, cost, and the amount you are requesting for each expense.
Purpose of Training *
How does this training/conference/workshop contribute to your professional development?
Determination of Need *
Without this scholarship, would the cost of travel and accomodations prevent you from attending this training/conference? (Please specify).
Determination of Need (Continued) *
What other scholarships, if any, are you eligible for to attend this training? How much is the scholarship for and when will you learn if you have received it?
Involvement *
How have you been involved in the supporting the Greenlining Institute, the Academy, or the Alumni Association in the past year (e.g., financial contribution, mentoring, and volunteering)?
Required Supplemental Materials *
Please check off the materials you have emailed to:
Applicant Certification *
By submitting my scholarship application to the GAAA, I agree that:
Reimbursement Procedures *
If approved, the scholarship grant will be sent directly to you once we receive an original copy of your paid training bill and original receipts the GAAA has agreed to reimburse along with your Report-Back. Please send your ORIGINAL receipts to the Treasurer. For the address where you can send your receipts, please email
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