Request to be Added to the List of "Candidates Seeking Nominations"
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Select the office that you wish to be nominated for. (Please complete two forms if seeking two offices.) *
Please list your name exactly as it appears on the BTU or RTC membership list (for nomination purposes). *
Please list your school, department, or status exactly as you want it to appear on the ballot. (i.e. "Edward Everett Elementary" or "Coverage Paraprofessional" or "Retired" *
If you would like your name listed differently on the ballot than it appears on the membership list, please list it here exactly as it should appear on the ballot. (Note that we will use the membership list spelling for the  list on the portal, because members need to use that spelling to nominate you.)
Please list a non-bps contact email (this will only be used for communication from the Election Committee and will not appear on the list.) *
By submitting this form to the Election Committee, I agree to have my name added to the "Candidates Seeking Nominations" list published by the Election Committee on the BTU Member Portal. I understand that submitting my name does not qualify me for the ballot, and that I must obtain the appropriate number of valid nominations by March 10 at 6PM to qualify. *
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